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HYLC Girls Division

Evaluations 2015

The girls are excited to be going into our third year as part of the Haddonfield Youth Lacrosse Club. 
We continue to grow as a club and will be having our evaluations on Sunday, 3/8, starting at noon. We will have practice one week prior to the evaluations, week of 3/2 and one week after the evaluations, week of 3/9. (Times and days will be determined closer to the date.)

Eighth graders will tryout for our U15A level. This level will be a U15A team and a U15AB team.  We will have a U13A team and a U13B team.  The returning 7th graders will be trying out for U13A, U15AB, and U13B.  If they do not make the U13A team, they will placed on the U15AB team or U13B team based on their evaluations.  If they do not try out, they will play U13B. 6th graders will be on U13A or U13B. With this move, we will have evaluations at 3 levels: U11 (an A and B team), U13 (an A and B team) and U15 (an A and AB team)

(Based on number of registrants this could change.)

Evaluations will take place on Sunday, 3/8 starting at 12 on the HS turf. (Specific times will be posted closer to the date).

Basic skills and advanced skills will be evaluated along with what we call Lacrosse IQ (game sense).  This will be accomplished by running stations in which various lacrosse skills will be scored. There will be 2 coaches/volunteers at each station.  Your daughter's coach will not be scoring her in order to keep the evaluations objective. The girls will then play a mini short field game to look at their game skills.

The idea of evaluations is to make sure the girls are playing in the team that will allow them to improve their skills and to play where they can grow as a player.


Those selected for the “A” in their respective age group will be expected to:

  1. Demonstrate athletic ability and stamina in basic movement and running drills

  2. Demonstrate consistent ability to pick up ground balls quickly

  3. Demonstrate consistent ability to make passes to the proper target

  4. Demonstrate consistent ability to catch the ball safely

  5. Demonstrate consistent listening skills and the ability to be coachable

  6. Demonstrate consistent effort and commitment to the team and the game


Non-attendance: If a player misses the evaluation sessions, they will automatically be place on the “B.” Please speak with your head coach immediately if you have a problem with the date or time of the evaluations.

Questions: Please email us your questions.

Volunteers?: We are still recruiting for additional Scooper Coaches. Please email us if you have an interest in any of these activities.

Many thanks,

HYLC Girls Division