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Frequently Asked Questions
October 1, 2013 --  

Question: When are registrations and when does the season begin/end?

Answer: Lacrosse is a spring sport. However, we hold registrations and will accept payments starting October 15, 2013 for returning players and November 15, 2013 for the spring 2014 season. A player will not be placed on a team until full payment is received. The regular season and outdoor practices begin the first week in March (weather permitting) and extends through the second week in June. The conclusion of the season is a usually a regional competition, an event which generally takes place over 2 days.

Question: Are there try-outs to join?
Answer: There are no try-outs to join the program and no prior lacrosse experience is required.  

Question: What are the age groups? Does my child need have prior lacrosse experience?
Answer: Our program is for girls from kindergarten through eighth grade. No prior lacrosse experience is required. We pride ourselves on helping every player reach their potential and having fun in the process.

Question: Will returning players be guaranteed a roster spot after the first year?
All returning players from the previous year will be given a 30 day period to register before registration is opened to new players.

Question: What if the team’s roster spots are filled and no new players are be added?
HYLC does not want to turn players away. However, we are limited to how many players can be on a roster. 18 to 25 players per team allows for quality playing time for each player. Anymore than 25 players diminishes the quality of playing time. We will wait list players after the roster spots are filled and HYLC will try to add another team if there are enough wait listed players and coaches.

Question: How many players are there on a team?
Answer: HYLC will require a minimum of 15 players and maximum of 18 to 25 players per team depending on the number of assistant coaches. This will ensure that all players get an opportunity for ample playing time. If there are more than 25 players registered and paid for a particular grade then HYLC will strongly consider creating a second team for that grade.

Question: Can my child play other sports while playing lacrosse?
Answer: The lacrosse season is short in comparison to many other year-long sports, so it is critical that girls in the program are prepared to focus on lacrosse from March to June.  Coming to practice on a regular basis and attending games is a critical element in developing skills and game comprehension.  We understand, however, that many girls are involved in multiple sports and other activities.  It is therefore critical that coaches and parents proactively discuss scheduling conflicts or game/practice absences to ensure a positive experience. If girls are absent from practice, they will likely be unprepared for game time play.

Question: What is the financial commitment?
Answer: The registration fee does vary based on age group, and ranges between $100 and $280 per child. This fee covers paying the referees, equipment expenses such as balls, goals, goalie’s equipment, uniforms and various regional league/tournament expenses. It does not include a 1-year membership to US Lacrosse, the national governing body of lacrosse. Membership in US Lacrosse includes league required insurance coverage and a subscription to the monthly US Lacrosse magazine. Parents are responsible for registering their child for US Lacrosse membership prior to the start of the season, preferably at the time of registration.

Question: How much does equipment cost?
Answer: Players can purchase their equipment from a HYLC equipment vendor who will assist in selecting the correct equipment. The equipment cost for girls is approximately $100. This includes a stick, goggles and mouth guard.  Appropriate shoes are also required.

Question: Are the teams parent-coached?
Answer: HYLC will make their best effort to recruit the best head coaches to teach proper skills to our players. All of our head coaches will have extensive lacrosse experience and will be properly screened.

Question: Who will referee the games?
Answer: All lacrosse games, with the exception of scoopers, will be refereed by certified lacrosse officials supplied by the New Jersey Interscholastic Lacrosse Officials Association. Scoopers and U9 are officiated by one referee and U11, U13, and U15 are officiated by two referees.

Question: Are there practices during the week? If so, how many/week? Any idea when they are held?
Answer: HYLC will use at least three fields. Each team will practice twice a week between 5:00 pm and 7:30 pm. The practice nights vary by age group. Locations will be announced after registration.

Question: Which teams would we play? What time do games start? How long before the game do the players have to be there for any pre-game warm-up?
Answer: While we are in the NJ South Chapter of US Lacrosse, our teams will most likely play teams from the Delaware Valley region. This includes teams from southeastern Pennsylvania and southern and central New Jersey. We play a  8-10 game season (8 or 9 weekends). So only 6 or 8 weekends would be travel weekends. Start times vary based on game location. We ask that the players arrive NO LATER than 30 minutes before game time.

Question: Do the teams play in lacrosse tournaments?
Answer: Yes. The registration fee includes entry to two (2) regional tournaments that may include up to four (4) games per tournament. The tournaments may include teams from as far as New York and Maryland. The tournaments are very exciting for the players and their families. There is typically one (1) tournament in April and one (1) in May.

Question: I have more questions. How do I get them answered?
Answer: You can send an email to us at  with any/all questions you might have. We do virtually all of our communication via email. Please feel free to submit any questions you might have at any time.